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About Dr.Pierre

Dr Pierre Coutilard is a renowned nutritionist who was educated at the University of Bordeaux Segalen, he quickly specialized in nutrition despite the appeal of general practice.

He was able to practice as a nutritionist in various clinics in order to help build his experience.

In parallel to his professional activities, Dr Coutilard took part in numerous research projects in nutrition including the effects of certain plants on our metabolism and various hunger hormones.

Pierre quickly understood the issues of healthy and organic food and its effects on the human body, but he ran into some laboratories that do not seek to improve the welfare of people but only the profit at the expense of health. He left these people to build what would become Life Capsule, a company that promotes well-being based on organic products from nature.

He continued his research with a small team of people that believed in the benefits that nature provides. After a few years he and his team were able to compose dietary supplements derived from natural products that have a real impact on patient health. Pierre then co-founded Life Capsule in order to benefit the common man with the latest advances in nutritional science.



In my opinion (and trust me, I’m a doctor!), our modern health care system is focused too much on treating disease and not enough on preventing it. Rather than calling it “health care,” it could be called "sick care."

As students at France medical schools, most of us never learned about the powerful healing capabilities of natural plants, herbs, seeds, roots, nuts and beans. Or about good nutrition ... the fundamental idea that "you are what you eat." Some foods can be incredibly healthful, while others can cause society’s most severe diseases — like diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s and heart disease.

When I graduated from medical school, I took the Hippocratic Oath to “Never Do Harm.” The oath also says, “I will prevent disease whenever I can, for prevention is preferable to cure.” As a member of the Life Capsule team, my singular goal is to live up to the oath I took more than 20 years ago ...

  • to empower you to become as healthy as possible;
  • to help you understand how the right foods, nutrients and natural ingredients can most benefit you;
  • to give you the best information from the most trusted sources that will enlighten, inspire and motivate you to achieve your best self.


Pierre Coutilard, M.D.