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“Dr Pierre, the daily support emails that you send through are a HUGE HELP & knowledge that you have not just taken my money & left me on my own to see how it all goes.”*

“I would like to take the opportunity to let Dr Pierre & his Costumer Service Staff know that I certainly have noticed a lack of appetite & desire for food when I take the LeptiPlus approx. 30 minutes before each meal. Brilliant !!”

“It is an excellent way that you reassure your customers that you not only care, but you use other people's stories & failures to help reassure us that when we slip up too - e.g. have an extra snack in the evening, etc.... - we are not on our own.“

This caring & educative support has reinforced my efforts to succeed & help prove that all of this program & money that I have invested is not a waste of time. THANKS HEAPS for the chance to give you some feedback too !!"

Tony B. 
Kingscliff, NSW

*Disclaimer: Results are not typical and can vary. There is no guarantee of specific results.