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"I'm now fitting into pants I have not been able to wear for 3 years."*

“My son and I lift weights together, and I mentioned something about back when I didn’t have this belly. He said, ‘You’ve always had that belly.’. It hit me, my kids don’t even remember me without a belly.

“I had been trying to lose the weight, exercising, eating better and doing all the things I had been doing for 40 years and still was not losing weight.

“I tried testosterone and thyroid pills with little results. Then I found Life Capsule LeptiPlus

“The Fat Loss Fast Start plan was extremely helpful. It told me what to avoid. I really needed that, and then I found out what I could eat. I knew I had to change, I just didn’t know what to change. The Fat Loss Fast Start plan gave me all the information I needed.

“As soon as I started taking the Life Capsule, my appetite changed. I was eating half of what I had eaten in the past and still felt satisfied.

“I have unbelievably, phenomenal energy. I don’t feel 50 anymore. The first thing that went is my belly; my belt has gone down 3 notches.

I was on my last pair of dress pants that fit me before Life Capsule.

“I’m now fitting into pants I have not been able to wear for 3 years. I have finally found a way to lose weight and keep it off. Thanks so much for your product!! I just ordered an additional 3-month supply.”

Russ Lundberg, Age 50
Elk Ridge, Utah