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“Life Capsule gives you everything you need to know for the best results. I love how I feel!”*

"After 12 years of working 8pm to 8am my body clock was off and so was my weight. I had put on 70 pounds over that time and now headed into retirement I wanted to make a change."

"My size 18's were getting too tight and I was not willing to get anything bigger."

“I heard of the Life Capule Leptiplus, saw that there were no stimulants and really like what Dr. Pierre said.”

“I was committed to dropping the weight and gave myself a year to get it off.”

“I was dropping a pound or two a week and I began to see the dress sizes fall from 18 to 14 to 12 to now an 8 in 10 months.”

“I never got frustrated because I liked what I was eating and it actually was working.”

“I wasn't hungry and every month I was consistently losing weight and dropping sizes, it kept me motivated and I wanted to do more.“

“My eating habits changed easily, don't eat late anymore, not 3 hours before bed and I'm just not hungry. I get rid of all clothes that are too big.“

My energy is up, my attitude is up and my confidence level is up. My feet and knees no longer hurt.”

“I have never gotten so many compliments, people don't recognize me. I feel so good”

“I want to stand on top of the world and shout about it. I'm not going to change ever again.”

Maryanne M., Mid 60s
Hambden, CT