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LeptiPlus - Helps to burn fats & stimulates your metabolism

Designed to help fat loss by naturally stimulating your leptin and reducing your cravings while balancing your metabolism.

  • Boosts your fat-burning hormone
  • Assists in the reduction of the level of sugar in blood
  • Reenergizes your metabolism
  • Helps stabilize the good cholesterol and blood pressure

What are the ingredients that make up Leptiplus?


Korean red ginseng is adaptogen, i.e. has the ability to naturally adapt to the needs of the person. Its tonic properties enhance energy, activate digestion, participates in the good health of the liver, and promote the elimination of toxins stored in fat. It reduces the harmful effects of the menopause on the body.


Green tea which used the young leaves is unfermented tea in order to keep the entirety of its natural properties. It promotes the elimination of the fat overloads of the cells that were victims of the accumulation of food fats (including those from processed products of the food industry). It also has a stimulating action on the body.


The kelp is probably the best-known sea vegetable and this, for good reason: it contains more vitamins and oligoelements than probably any other algae. Apart from the fact that it contains impressive amounts of vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K, the kelp is also rich in protein, fiber, iodine and sodium alginate. The latter is a chemical compound that helps to eliminate the radioactive particles from the body. Kelp helps stimulate metabolism, increasing the speed at which the body digests food. Regular use improves thyroid function and digestive health. Kelp is also a blood purifier.


Irvingia gabonensis is the latin name of African mango, juice of its seeds help to restore sensitivity to leptin, vital to the success of weight loss by decreasing the levels of inflammatory factors, it also plays on the levels of triglycerides in the blood.


The olive tree has antioxidant properties that offer comprehensive protection to the body. It is a diuretic, and therefore promotes the elimination of toxins through the urinary tract. The leaves also have a hypoglycemic action and hypocholesterolemiante, i.e. participating in the reduction of the rate of sugar and cholesterol in the blood.


The yerba mate is a South American plant, it acts as a natural suppressant and increases Thermogenesis, i.e. it does increase the amount of energy spent by the person. The body therefore tends to burn more calories.



    Q: How many bottles should I order?
    A: If you have more than 4 kg to lose, we recommend you invest in our discounted 3 bottle option. If you have more than 14 kg to lose, we recommend our even further discounted 6 bottle option. These recommendations will ensure you have an ample supply of LeptiPlus on hand to help you achieve your weight loss goals without the need to re-order often. You can always return what you don’t use if you lose weight faster and you these packages allow you to take advantage of our lowest possible prices today.

    Q: What are the ingredients and amounts used in the formula?

    Why will LeptiPlus work when other weight loss supplements and diets have failed me?
    That’s a great question. Remember, the hormone Leptin literally controls every piece of the fat loss puzzle; however, research shows that Leptin production drops by over 50% in the first week of dieting and it gets progressively worse. That is why most people fail with long term calorie restriction and with other diet supplements— these approaches don’t take Leptin into consideration. And that’s exactly what LeptiPlus does. No other product contains the same 6 nutrients in the exact Scientific Dose™ used in research to increase fat burning by effecting the hormone Leptin’s production and sensitivity.

    Is LeptiPlus a “magic” weight loss solution?
    NO. We want to be very clear that LeptiPlus will not allow you to eat whatever you want, be lazy, and still lose weight. Instead, LeptiPlus makes a solid weight loss nutrition program more effective by counteracting the unavoidable decline in fat loss hormones that occurs with week to week calorie restriction. The result is consistent week to week fat loss without stalled results, no results, or weight loss plateaus.

    How do I use this product?
    Simply take one (1) capsule with breakfast and one (1) capsule with lunch.

    Q: How long before I see results?
    We expect you to see noticeable, visual results within 30 days and more profound results with prolonged, continued use. Moreover, many users report feeling less hungry and a decreased appetite within the first few days of using the product due to an increase in leptin and a decrease in the “hunger” hormone ghrelin.

    Q: How long do I need to take this supplement?
    We recommend that you continue to take LeptiPlus as long as you are following a reduced calorie weight loss diet. Simply put, LeptiPlus helps to counteract the negative hormonal and metabolic adaptations that cause stalled fat loss and weight loss plateaus so you can enjoy consistent weekly progress toward your goals, instead of being derailed and discouraged by slowed fat loss and weight loss plateaus. That said, once you have achieved your goal weight and are no longer following a reduced calorie diet, LeptiPlus is no longer necessary.

    Q: Does this product contain caffeine or any other stimulants?
    LeptiPlus is a combination of research-backed ingredients, has no added caffeine and is a non-stimulant formula.

    Q: Are there any allergy concerns with this product?
    Like every Life Capsule product, LeptiPlus is all-natural and completely free of gluten, dairy, wheat, soy, egg, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, and peanuts. It also contains NO sugar and NO artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors or preservatives. If you have any concerns you should consult your physicians before taking any supplement.

    Q: If I have a medical condition, can I take this product?

    LeptiPlus is an all-natural formula that is considered safe and extremely effective for nearly everyone. However, if you take prescription medications or have a medical condition, we recommend that you show a bottle of LeptiPlus to your physician and/or pharmacist for proper approval. You can always return it later with our 30 Days money-back guarantee. However, do not take LeptiPlus if you are pregnant, nursing or under the age of 18.

    Q: How long will today's special pricing be available?
    We are unable to guarantee today’s pricing beyond today. Our pricing often changes due to the constantly changing prices of the high-quality, exotic ingredients used in LeptiPlus as well as supply and demand. To guarantee our lowest pricing, be sure to secure your order today.

    Q: How will this product be shipped to me and how quickly?
    We will ship your order directly to your home or office using a premium carrier such as DHL, you can expect your order within 5 to 7 business days. International orders typically take 8 – 15 business days (plus customs clearance time). Rush shipping is available.

    Q: Will anything else be sent to me, or billed to me, after I order?
    No. This is NOT an auto-ship program. You only get shipped what you order today and nothing more.

    Q: Is it safe to order online from your web site?
    Yes. We use a 256-bit secure ordering server so you are protected the same as if you were ordering from or any other trusted Web site.

    Q: What if this product doesn’t work for me?
    While LeptiPlus was created to work, if for any reason at all you are unsatisfied with your LeptiPlus purchase, just let us know and we will issue a prompt and courteous refund even on empty bottles. You’re always protected by our industry 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.