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"I felt like I was 20 again."*

I have removed many "processed" products from my diet and I buy raw products and cook them myself. I eat much more vegetables and fruits and less cheese.... I eat less and less fat. And I drink plenty of water.

I enjoy myself from time to time while going to the restaurant getting cakes for example, pizza or burgers but in small portions. I change my dishes all the time so as not to get bored. I even bought a ice cream maker to make my ice cream this summer.

To give an example yesterday I had for breakfast: tea, homemade pancakes (egg, oatmeal cheese flakes zero percent) with agave syrup and homemade smoothies (banana-orange).

At noon I ate half a tuna stuffed with rice and green beans. A fruit salad at 5 o'clock, a banana before some sport and at the evening radishes, a gratin of broccoli and turkey.

There is so much good food to discover when eating healthier you learn a lot of things. Following the dietary advice of Pierre Coutilard and following the cure of Leptiplus I could really lose 8 kg in 3 months. I found this really great it helped me feel better and I hope you too.

Michael L, 64 

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