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During a visit to my gynecologist this one asks me if I will not lose weight, of course that I answer him, YES! She gave me an advertisement that talked about Leptiplus and foods to stop eating.

In fact I think the Life Capsule method helped me rebalance my way of eating and my relationship with food. But most of all I had a click at one point that motivated me to lose weight, for me my "obesity" was more mental than anything else. Now I feel great in my life.

I have friends who ask me how I did it, thinking there is a miracle cure and asking me the address of the dietician haha. I do not think there is a miracle recipe, must have the click, the envy, the need and be well surrounded.

On the other hand it is true that losing weight has changed my life because I feel that the look of others do not have the same. Even in my job I feel like I have more credibility.

It hurts me when I see people who are depriving themselves of weight loss. I knew a girl who was restricted to 1000 calories a day. I find it very sad because I doubt the effectiveness of the thing. Anyway when I tell my story people are amazed and think I have made a draconian diet which is not the case! I enjoyed the Leptiplus and the advice of the Life Capsule Customer Service Dieticians.

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